Curate the Collection is a collection of Flickr members who are working with the National Maritime Museum and it’s extensive photographic collection to co-curate a new exhibition of Flickr Commons images.

Working alongside the Museum, Flickr users are selecting photos from the collections that they’d like to display. The chosen images will be uploaded onto Flickr The Commons and will also be exhibited in the Compass Lounge; a new interactive gallery space where visitors can explore the Museum’s vast digitised collections.

The participating  Flickr members get a behind the scenes look at the Museum and find out how displays are put together, from selecting a theme to writing gallery text and more.  The display will run for a period of six months until February 2013.

This blog will hopefully document the curatorial processes and practices that these Flickr members will undertake during the planning and discussions which will eventually culminate in an exciting exhibition.

The National Maritime Museum’s photographic collection is one of the largest and most important visual records of Britain’s interaction with the maritime world from the 1840s to the present day. The collection covers subjects that include British and foreign warships and merchant ships, to seaports, river and coastal views, shipyards when British shipbuilding was at its height, and exploration. Moreover, within these subjects people are depicted at work in shipyards, onboard ship, or on the shore, and at leisure, during peace and war.


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